Body Contouring with Lipo-Light

Body contouring with Lipo-Light’s advanced technology provides nonsurgical body slimming that is simple and delivers effective results.  Lipo-Light fat loss technology gets applied directly to your skin. The specific frequency, energy and focus of the powerful wavelength goes through your skin, directly into your adipose tissue causing the fat cells to open up, releasing glycerol and free fatty acids. The exact same thing the fat cells release when you exercise.

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Body contouring with lipo-light can help you:

• Loose those unwanted inches.
• Fit into clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time.
• Feel good about looking good in 2016!
• Just feel good about YOU!

Book a consultation to secure special pricing for a limited time.
We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but those unwanted inches!

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Contour Your Body, Look Great and Feel Fabulous!

Lipo-Light is the very first LED non-invasive body contouring system. It is non-invasive, pain free and gives instant results that build with each session. Body contouring with Lipo-Light is the perfect way to target specific problem areas like stubborn belly fat, bra bulges and saddle bags, and it works on many areas of the body, including upper arms, that other body contouring technologies are unable to treat.

For a limited time ONLY we’re offering Special Pricing to 30 clients.
You’ll receive a 3-Week Treatment Program which includes:
♦ 9 Lipo-Light sessions targeting one area
♦ Healthy detox regimen to cleanse without supplements
♦ The Inch Loss Guarantee

Book a consultation to secure your special price. We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but those unwanted inches!


Limited to the first 30 people who register. Offer scheduled to end 01/16/2016, but will close once all spaces are filled.