You ARE Worth It! 5 Ways to Build Self-Esteem

A healthy self-esteem is the starting point for a happy life.

Unfortunately, when you lack self-esteem, you also lack the ability to reach your true potential in life. Why? Because your thoughts become your reality.  Thoughts are truly powerful!

Self-esteem begins with your beliefs

Most people have heard the statement, “If you can dream it, you can do it,” but few people actually take that statement to heart. For some reason big goals seem unattainable and an “I can’t” mentality takes over.

While everyone experiences negative thoughts from time to time, you may need to make an extra effort to get through these challenges. POSITIVE THOUGHTS must be VICTORIOUS in the end!

Tips for Turning Up Your Self-Esteem

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Developing a healthy self-esteem doesn’t need to be a difficult task. There are small changes you can make to get yourself on the right track.



Try following these strategies to help you develop a healthy self-esteem:

  1. Always ignore negativity from others.
    There are those people who have a habit of putting others down. You know you shouldn’t listen to these people, but sometimes it’s hard not to internalize what they’re saying. It’s especially hurtful when it’s coming from someone you love.
  • Some people will even steer you in the wrong direction because they think they’re doing the right thing. When it comes down to it, you’re the only one that knows yourself and your dreams. You simply can’t let anyone stand in the way!
  1. Learn to accept compliments.
    You might toss off compliments as lies because some people may have ulterior motives. While this might be true, in most cases people are being genuine. After all, most people won’t go out of their way to give you a false compliment.
  • Accepting compliments will help you discover what you’re good at and strengthen your self-confidence. When someone tells you they like your {makeup, etc.}, try saying: “Thank you! I like it too!”
  1. Get a life coach or some good self-help books.
    Life coaches are in the business of helping you live your life to its fullest potential. You don’t need to be scared or embarrassed to seek one out. If a life coach doesn’t seem feasible for you, you can look into getting some self-help books from your local library or from a bookstore.
  • Go online or to a local bookstore to find some relevant books and resources.
  1. Use affirmations daily.
    Affirmations are great self-esteem boosters because they show your brain what you already know you can achieve. They bring positive energy into the present moment.
  • You can read affirmations on the subjects of your choice or you can get into the habit of writing your own affirmations. Nothing can be more targeted to your true feelings than your own words!
  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others.
    It’s easy to get into the habit of comparing yourself negatively to other people. Remind yourself that everyone is unique. You’re equipped with your own set of strengths and weaknesses, so the best thing you can do for yourself is concentrate on developing your own strengths.

Once you’ve worked on shifting your thoughts about your self-worth in a positive direction, it’s time to discover how your new way of thinking can help you reach the goals you want to achieve. One benefit of a healthy self-esteem is possessing the drive to take action toward following your dreams and making accomplishments. Have a plan and follow through. If you feel that you’ve improved your self-esteem but then fail to take action towards your goals, you may begin to feel down on yourself again. Stay motivated, and use your daily affirmations.  When you’re faced with challenges, actively seek solutions. When you do, you’ll soon notice many positive changes in your life that result from your healthy self-esteem!