Can I Really Slim Down With Infrared Body Wraps?

Yes, you can very effectively slim down with Infrared Body Wraps.  Infrared energy is beneficial to overall health and very safe to use.  The Sudatonic™ Infrared System provides the same effects as exercising to help improve circulation by forcing the body to use stored fat as energy to fuel the body.


An Infrared Body Wrap can help with weight loss by simply speeding up metabolism.  During an Infrared Body Wrap session (45 to 55 minutes), the heart receives a workout similar to a 6-mile run and the body perspires the same amount as in that 6-mile run.  Like exercise, infrared body wraps can provide the same fat burning effects of boosted metabolism.  The body is also working hard during a SudaTonic Infrared session to cool itself down by sweating, thus building up caloric burn and a rise in heart rate which increases blood circulation.  Infrared Body Wraps are perfect for those who want to maintain a healthy weight but do not have time for regular exercise and for those who suffer from injuries that inhibit rigorous physical activity.  Infrared Body Wraps will, ideally, be most beneficial to those who eat healthy and are active.  It is important to stay well hydrated and adjust nutritional intake to maintain the weight reduction provided during an infrared body wrap session.  Those who lead sedentary lifestyles will also be able to achieve positive results, however more time may be required.  Results are seen and felt with every treatment, but we see the best results with approximately 8 to 12 Infrared Body Wrap treatments scheduled at least two times per week.Sudatonic_infrared_body_wrap_Weight_Loss_Spatique_Skin_Care_66223

Instead, stored fat is converted into fatty acids which can then be used by the muscles for energy.  The heating of the body and need to cool down through perspiration must be fueled by energy, this fuel comes from the converted fatty acids (now energy) that was released by the fat cells.

SudaTonic can help with:
♦ Weight Loss (not just water weight)
♦ Decreasing Body Fat
♦ Detoxification
♦ Reducing Cellulite
♦ Minimizing Stretch Marks
♦ Firming Sagging Skin
♦ Improving Poor Circulation
♦ Increasing Metabolism
♦ Softening Dull, Dry Skin
♦ Relieving Muscle and Joint Pain

Spatique offers several treatment therapies using the SudaTonic Infrared System to enhance your individual wellness and improve your image. These include stress release, detoxification, weight loss, and cellulite reduction. One of our Licensed Skin Therapists will gladly assist you in customizing a treatment plan exclusively for your needs.  Contact us for a consultation.

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