Body Sugaring Certification Training

Become Certified in The Art of Body Sugaring!
Attend a class taught by Shonda Gonzales, Certified Educator for Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring™.  Shonda’s classes offer you an exclusive, one-of-a-kind training experience that is designed to help you confidently learn the ancient art of body sugaring hair removal.  If you are an Esthetician, Cosmetologist or a student in one of these programs and you are interested in learning this all natural method of hair removal, the training hosted in Overland Park, Kansas is perfect for you!


Body Sugaring: A Sweet Alternative Hair Removal Method

Beginner and Advanced Body Sugaring classes are available for licensed beauty professionals from Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska.  If you are new to sugaring, you will want to register for the Body Sugaring Certification Class.  If you are already certified in sugaring, even if you did not originally certify with Tamara’s Sugar™, you may be interested in advanced training to improve your skills and to offer services like Brazilian Sugaring.  Check the workshop schedule for Master Classes.  Customized refresher training is also offered to you if you certified at some point in the past but have never had an opportunity to become as fluent as you want to be in the art of body sugaring.



  1. You get live training in a skin care center setting with an educator who has provided sugaring services to a high volume of satisfied clients.
  2. You are offered several methods of support beyond your initial certification course.
  3. You will learn to sugar using techniques that are comfortable to preserve and protect the health of your hands.
  4. Set yourself apart from other practitioners by offering an all-natural alternative to waxing!


To attend training in Kansas, click here to register online.  

If you want to schedule a body sugaring class to be hosted in one of the neighboring states, please contact Shonda to make arrangements.  Private Classes and small group classes are offered to ensure you have the best access to your educator and the highest level of training.  Feel free to call (913) 685-4866 for more information.  You may also use the form below.


2019 TRAINING Schedule


Professional Body Sugaring Certification

September 21 & 22

October 19 & 20

November 23 & 24

December 28 & 29

Facial Sugaring Master Class

Private Classes Available

Brazilian Sugaring Master Class

Private Classes Available

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WHAT ARE THE Benefits of learning Sugaring with Shonda?

  • Live training in Kansas City’s premier body sugaring skin care center 
  • Support beyond your initial certification course
  • Learn sugaring with techniques that are comfortable for you


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body sugaring classes by Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring®, Advanced Body



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Body Sugaring: A Sweet Alternative Hair Removal Method
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