Extra Pounds Weighing You Down?

The beginning of a New Year is a great time to slim down, detoxify your body,
and start taking better care of yourself.


You can do this with a Seasonal Tune-Up

from the Spatique Skin Care Image & Wellness Team

Just as we encourage you to get regular facial treatments, we also recommend and offer a seasonal tune-up for your body. Winter is a time to rest and energize your body for the coming Spring season. During the Winter months, your energy draws inward and your body tends to build up extra pounds. A seasonal tune-up will help you prepare for nature’s energy shift with a 7-day journey that will warm your body, soothe your soul and guide you to increase your energy while eliminating extra pounds.

The Seasonal Tune-Up Offers You:

• A virtual program that aligns your body with nature’s seasonal energy
• One-on-one web coaching session to help you get started
• 7-Day Natural Body Detox complete with tasty meals and recipes
• Body Basics Guide to pleasurable activities you will stick with throughout the year
• Daily Inspiration and Motivation delivered to your email

No Magic Pills or Endless Hours on the Treadmill – Just a Simple, done-for-you Plan
of action to Detox, Slim Down and Feel Better.

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