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Improve Your Selfies with Lovely Lips

Give some attention to the most neglected part of your face — the lips.
Lips can say so much without uttering a sound. They do a lot of work on a daily basis. But in the facial room, we tend to expect more attention on the face, eye area, and neck. Why not give this part of your face the attention it deserves?

As a beauty and skin therapist, I am in love with lips and have a fascination with them. I have made lip treatments my signature service and complement this by offering retail products especially for the lips and the mouth area. Lips are also my favorite part of the face to make up.

During a Facial
As part of your monthly facial routine, if you do not already do so, ask for a lip treatment to soften, condition, and plump the lips. There are a few different specialty masks to choose from that are both an instant gratification and a quick add-on to a makeup application or facial service. 

Another lip protocol you can ask for during your next facial is a soothing jade facial roller. This is a cool tool in more ways than one. Facial rollers made of jade or gold were used for centuries by Chinese royalty and can be enjoyed either at room temperature or chilled. This little marvel rolls away the stress and is soothing, smoothing, and truly relaxing. Most jade rollers are double-sided. The large side is great for the face, and the smaller roller is most commonly used very gently on the eyelid and surrounding areas. However, I use the small roller on the lips and around the mouth, after applying a facial serum or moisturizer. This secret weapon makes products penetrate the skin beautifully, too.

A great way to end your facial and going beyond the usual moisturizer, eye cream, and lip balm, is asking for a quick makeup touch-up.  This service is complimentary at Spatique, and your Skin Therapist will add a dash of color to your lips and some anti-aging Derma Renew BB Cream to your face as well. The oil free, mineral-based formula will not clog pores and naturally covers imperfections. 

At Home
We know our clients are ever more aware of what they put on their faces and in their bodies. Green and healthy is a trend that is here to stay. Here’s an exfoliating lip scrub to help you take care of your lips in between professional treatments. This moisturizing and soothing mini treatment is especially good for dry, peeling, dehydrated lips. Simply combine 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and mix to make an exfoliating scrub. Apply it to clean lips and leave on at least five minutes, rubbing gently back and forth with your finger. My clients are believers, and they love this simple formula for softer lips.

Extra Care
Sometimes, your lips may require a little extra TLC. Lip damage and fine lines around the mouth often go along with other skin conditions caused by smoking. Address these conditions with moisturizing lipsticks and lip balms, creams, lip conditioners, and serums. Vitamin C and green tea are both good ingredients to use. Sun-damaged lips are another big concern. Always use a sunscreen on your lips, as well as on the rest of your face.
So if you’ve been shying away from the camera because of neglected lips, contact your Spatique Skin Therapist for a selfie makeover. When your lips are just as happy as your skin, the results will surely make you smile!

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Portions reprinted courtesy of Noreen Young ( Noreen is an internationally known makeup artist, author, speaker, and educator.


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