Lashes are Back!

Spatique is very excited to bring back focus to Individual Eyelash Extensions. Lash Extensions are an easy way to speed up your morning make up routine because it eliminates the need for mascara and a lash curler.

There are many different styles of lash extensions. Before the application begins, expected looks and results will be discussed and agreed upon between client and esthetician to make sure the desired result is achieved.

While the extension adhesive lasts 6-8 weeks, the extensions will fall out with the natural lash. The hair growth cycle of the natural lash is about 30 days, meaning that one hair grows fully and falls out in a total of 30 days. In order to maintain a full looking set of lash extensions, it is recommended that you fill your set every two weeks. Failure to do so will result in a thin looking set and prominent gaps in extensions.

Proper cleaning of lashes is also important! Gently cleansing your lash line, day and night, with oil-free products that are safe for use around the eyes prevents build up and infection. Infection can cause swelling, pain, irritation, and in severe cases, vision loss, so regular cleansing with proper products and tools are a MUST! Products and tools can be ordered at Spatique at the end of your appointment.

Some other important things to be aware of when getting individual eyelash extensions are, allergic reactions to adhesive, rare, but can occur! Rubbing and pulling on extensions can cause damage to natural lashes. Using the wrong products on your extensions can cause them to fall off, and it is ALWAYS best to use a lash serum to boost and maintain natural lash integrity.

If you think you might enjoy the beauty and convenience of Individual Eyelash Extensions, take advantage of the $75 training price (regularly priced at $125)! At this time, Spatique only offers a two week lash fill, priced at $55. Any “fill” scheduled after two weeks from full set or last fill will be booked as a full set and priced at $75.

Book your lash appointment today by calling (913)-645-9925 and ask for Malia!