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Exploring New Options for Your Skin Care or Wellness Career?



Bring your passion home to Spatique!

Are ready to be your own boss and to start enjoying the full fruits of your labor? If you want to get away from the soul-crushing corporate world, starting your own business may have special appeal to you. Of course, the prospect of building a business from the ground up can often be daunting, so Spatique offers you an opportunity to eliminate the immense amount of time, money and energy normally required to get your business off the ground.

We have the perfect new home for your business in a great southern Overland Park location with high visibility in the ever-growing Highway 69 and Metcalf area.  We offer fully equipped suites, onsite laundry (not coin operated), Wi-Fi, and online marketing to promote your personal brand.  You’ll also have access to free business start-up and management consulting.  All you need to get started is your Backbar, rent plus deposit, and self-determination!  Suite rentals here allow you to maximize your profits and minimize your unfilled time slots.

Furniture & Equipment varies per suite but may include:
• Electric Lift Massage Table
• Steamer with Magnifying Lamp
• Towel Cabby with UV Sterilizer
• Portable Sink
• Dispensary/Storage Cabinets

We have room for licensed professionals who are certified in Body Sugaring Hair Removal and those who are interested in becoming certified.  Your talents in other skin care and wellness specialties such as lash extensions and massage therapy will also flourish here!  You’ll love caring for your clients in our charming cottage, and you’ll get paid everyday with 12-Hour funding to next day funding.  Spatique’s location attracts the best, most loyal clients in the area who are seeking a non-commercialized spa experience.

You should have the dedication, desire and skills to work independently alongside a team of supportive peers.  Your success for your skin care or wellness business at Spatique is determined by your commitment and your passion to be the most technically advanced and educated therapists, committed to positively enriching the lives of our clients.

Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Lash Extentionist
Certified Body Sugaring Specialist


Please feel free to request a tour and confidential exploratory meeting by completing the form below.  You are welcome to submit your resume and share anything you’d like us to know about you in the comments section.  We look forward to partnering with you!