Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation

Want to look younger without undergoing cosmetic surgery?
Microcurrent Facial Therapy is an anti-aging treatment that uses electricity to turn back the hands of time.

Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation is a non-invasive therapy used to stimulate and tone facial muscles and is great for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.  It can also be used to tighten and tone other areas of the body.  It was originally used by medical doctors to treat stroke patients and patients with Bells Palsy which makes the skin sag because the muscles atrophy. Microcurrent treatments are ideal for clients who want facial rejuvenation without having to undergo surgery, and for those who want an alternative to botox injections.

Microcurrent has been shown in university studies to improve elasticity, collagen and elastin content and blood circulation.  It uses a very small amount of electrical current to stimulate ATP production by as much as 500% in the cells.  Sometimes referred to as “muscle re-education,” microcurrent can help tighten muscle tissue and produce great improvement in elasticity and contour.  The current used is so gentle that it does not cause a visible muscle contraction.  Treatments must be administered starting with an initial series of 10 to 12 sessions, then less frequently to maintain results.

Microcurrent is commonly known as the Lunchtime Facelift because it’s pain-free with no down time after treatment.  With no needles, no pain and no downtime, microcurrent therapy is the preferred anti-aging treatment of many celebrities including Elle Macpherson, Meg Ryan, Kim Basinger, and Liv Tyler.  Microcurrent is the choice wrinkle smoothing facial treatment used monthly to keep celebrities looking refreshed and energized without the worry of bruising from invasive procedures.  Now, this amazing treatment is totally accessible to you at Spatique!  We offer two protocols for Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation:  Bio-Lift and Micro-Tone.  Bio-Lift is a full 60-minute microcurrent therapy session that includes Light Therapy, and Micro-Lift is a 30-minute targeted session.  Contact us today for a consultation to find out if microcurrent is right for you.

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