Product Spotlight: 15% Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum

This anti-aging serum gives your skin a boost in brightening and cellular repair.  It’s hydrating and soothing for soft, glowing countenance.  Restore and revitalize your skin with antioxidants and peptides that prevent damage, correct aging and stabilize skin functions.


Mix this brightening serum with our Ageless Skin Hydrating Serum for an anti-aging “super serum!”  Both products are available at Spatique Skin Care and in our online store.

Key Ingredients:
10% L-ascorbic Acid: Water soluble Vitamin C, protects cells from oxidative damage, assists in collagen formation, strengthens capillaries and cell walls.
3% Magnezium Ascorbyl Phosphate: Water soluble derivative of vitamin c, antioxidant, stimulates collagen production, melanin inhibiting properties.
2% Texahexyldecyl Ascorbate: Stable, oil soluble form of vitamin c, antioxidant, UV protection, skin lightening.
Ubiquinone (CoQ10): Reduces wrinkle depth, assists in Copper utilization to repair wounds such as wrinkles.