Oncology Skin Care

Because We Care, we are pleased to offer safe, restorative skin care treatments that help repair vital skin functions that become compromised as a result of oncology treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.  Clients receiving oncology skin care services at Spatique can expect:


  • Safe, professional and personalized therapies using gentle and beneficial ingredients
  • Recommendations for beneficial cosmetic products
  • Nurturing protocols to help improve complexion and minimize skin reactions commonly caused by cancer treatments
  • A sanitary environment, conducive to the health and well-being of vulnerable immune systems
  • Therapeutic touch which can decrease anxiety, depression and stress

Oncology patients and others with health-challenged skin can benefit from spa treatments provided by an Oncology Certified Esthetician who possesses advanced training in addressing skin conditions and reactions associated with certain medications and medical treatments.  Patients going through oncology treatments deal with numerous conditions that can be very devastating to their self image and cause a tremendous amount of physical and emotional stress.  Receiving professional spa treatments will help to reduce stress levels, minimize anxiety and improve self-esteem.

If you are newly diagnosed, currently undergoing treatments or a cancer survivor, you may be experiencing the following skin issues:

  • Dryness, dehydration, flaking
  • Redness, skin flushing
  • Sun sensitivity
  • Mild inflammation
  • Sensitivity or allergic reactions to products
  • Acne
  • Rash

Your medications and treatments also cause many other side effects that may affect you emotionally, physically and mentally.  We offer services that will make a positive difference in helping you cope with the appearance-related side effects of your cancer treatments.  You will have time to relax and be pampered in a private environment while your skin health is brought back into balance along with your mind, body and spirit.

Please request a consultation prior to scheduling your appointment for spa services.  There is no charge for consultations, and we will take the time (20 to 30 minutes) to discuss services you may receive and provide and initial analysis of your skin.  We will also review intake forms including one needed to obtain consent from your medical oncologist before being treated.

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Healing Touch Facial Treatment     $55
A restorative facial that will impart nutrients lost due to skin reactions associated with oncology medications and treatments.  Skin is detoxified with safe, chemical-free, natural ingredients and followed by products that specifically address moisture balance, cellular health and barrier protection.  A soothing and calming treatment for your hands or feet is included.

No services provided are a substitute for medical treatment, and we do not diagnose skin diseases.  All medical conditions and concerns should be discussed with your doctor.  Chemical Peels and other forms of aggressive exfoliation should be avoided during oncology treatments.  You should also avoid pedicures, manicures, detoxifying body wraps, laser treatments, salt or sugar scrubs, lightening agents, steaming, waxing, extractions, electrolysis, hot stone facials, and electrical modalities.

Each month, we dedicate time to provide a complimentary facial to a deserving patient conquering cancer.  The candidate must be undergoing treatments or be within six months of completing them. For consideration,  please click here to register.


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