Body Sugaring: A Sweet Alternative Hair Removal Method

Treatments took centerstage during Day 1 of Face & Body Midwest 2017 in Rosemont, Illinois.  Shonda Gonzales demonstrated body sugaring to the crowd at the Body Sugaring: A Sweet Alternative Hair Removal Method. As Certified Body Sugaring Educator for Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring, Gonzales showed the audience how to properly remove hair using her body […]

How do I avoid getting ingrown hairs?

Exfoliate and Moisturize! In order to avoid ingrown hairs you need to exfoliate and moisturize your skin on a regular basis.  Exfoliating regularly will also improve the ease of your monthly sugaring services.  Remember NOT to exfoliate the day before, the day of or the day after you are scheduled for body sugaring. The sugaring […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Body Sugaring Hair Removal

Frequently Asked Questions about Body Sugaring Hair Removal

How long does the hair need to be before I can get sugared? Your hair needs to be at least 1/8 of an inch, but we recommend no longer than 1/4 of an inch.  When sugaring, the hair is removed in its natural direction of growth, so it’s possible to extract hairs as short as […]

There’s a Sweeter Side to Hair Removal

At Spatique Skin Care, you will discover that there’s a sweeter side to obtaining smooth, hair-free skin using the art of body sugaring hair removal.  We are Kansas City’s premier skin care center offering this method of hair removal exclusively, and it is highly preferred by our clients over waxing, lasers and electrolysis.  Body sugaring […]

Top 5 Myths About Body Sugaring

1. My skin will be sticky after the service. FACT: Professional Body Sugaring paste is much easier to clean up than wax because it’s water-soluble. Since wax contains resins which can only be removed with oil, clients are usually left feeling sticky after waxing. Sugar can be easily cleaned up with water, so you will […]