The Dreaded “D” Word: D-I-E-T

Today is the day you will begin to never “diet” again! With SpaFit, your new definition of diet is your DAILY INTAKE OF ENERGY TREATS!

Happy woman with scales and green apple over white background

Your daily eating plan and your 5 meals a day is your diet. No deprivation, all real foods, no packaged or pre-cooked foods. Just a good, healthy eating plan. Let’s stop and think about the foods people had to eat way back in the 1800’s: vegetables grown in the ground, fruit off the trees, animals that were hunted, fish that were caught in the river and grains that were picked. There were no pasta primaveras, cheese enchiladas or chili rellenos and definitely, no pizza!! Unfortunately, those days were much more primitive and cooking foods were basically done over a wood-burning fire. There were no microwaves or fancy ovens, no food processors or pasta machines and not even refrigeration. What ever was caught that day was eaten. Now, what this shows us is that the food was fresh, all-natural with no preservatives and prepared over a fire or eaten raw. If society could get back to the basics by eating all-natural foods, more fruits and vegetables, fresh fish instead of red-meat (primarily because we do not perform manual labor any longer to burn the calories in red meat) and less sugar and flour products, we would never again have to watch what we eat. Of course, our activity level would need to be increased since the pioneers and Indians walked or rode horses for transportation. As you know, this burned more calories than sitting in a car. If we could incorporate the ways of our ancestors by eating more natural foods and exercising more intensely, we could improve so many aspects of our lives. Here are a few benefits we could expect:

  • increased mental and physical energy
  • boosted metabolism
  • increased muscle mass
  • body-fat reduction
  • good examples set for our children
  • improved self-esteem and body image
  • reduced PMS (for women)
  • improved mood….. and many more!!